• Oct 23rd
    The Dragons of Life

    With there being so much on my plate school wise I have realized that sometimes I can’t be everywhere all …

  • Oct 17th
    Ever Present Hope

    I recently gave my first ever lab tour! I work as a research assistant in one of Boise State University’s …

  • Oct 6th
    Slowing Down

    It is that time of the semester where school feels like it is slowing down and I am getting all …

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Who Is She?

I was born in Tennessee back in the year 1994 but I am a proud resident of Idaho. I am currently an undergrad at Boise State University studying Mechanical Engineering. I'm the girl who frequently has something out of place, whether it is a strand of hair or upturned collar. My skills include being precise, tenacious, and enthusiastic. Those who have watched me direct traffic or work with kids can attest to that. My dream job is to work at NASA but right now I am a programming intern for a private company. I am hardly all things business but I like to get the job done. Web Development is my hobby and I'm glad you happened upon my site, gives me the chance to, you know, show off. In my corner of the web I like to create insightful blogs, share my vivid photography and write masterful tutorials.
Have a rockin' day! ;)