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This semester of school has been intense. Between studying for the SATs and taking this new Science course, I barely have time to get everything done on time much less keep up with my website. No, I’m not taking a hiatus but I am seriously cramming all my creative and fun activities into a tight box. But I like it, I haven’t been able to use my abilities to the full potential because I work well when I am just a little under too busy. It’s like I need stress that is right above my normal limit. Get’s the heart pumping I guess.
But I have always loved envrionments with the need for efficiency and apathy doesn’t suit me. Unfortunately, apathy seeps in when I’m not challenged which is all the time. I’m just not in an environment where I am challenged scholastically and spiritually. And to the latter, it is hard to find a healthy challenge because usually, that is just a billboard for some kind of abuse by a person, church or self.

So, I may only post two times a month and I may be really slow to reply to comments, but seriously, it is worth it to see 110% on my progress report with a 3.94 GPA to boot.
I give God the credit for my good grades and anything else that will come from this.
Look for a new layout soon! Like?

I need some help from any video gamers. I have this spacewalk simulator that my science course wants me to try out but I can’t get out of the air lock. Any help would be so appreciated. You go to this link and after clicking to play the game it will ask to download a plugin and then the simulation will load. Thanks for reading, Cami

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About Cami

Cami is currently a programming intern for Modern Entrepreneur. She has spent the past seven years coding and building websites. She loves coding and could spend hours and hours writing in HTML and CSS. As you can probably see she's really into blogging and loves to invest time in this small little blogging community. Cami is about to start her college career seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Boise State University. She hopes to become a star pupil in her classes and will live in the Honors dorm. Go Broncos!

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    My last semester of school was intense, but like you said, it’s so worth it to see those really good grades on your report and to know that you made it through. So keep on working hard! Good luck with your classes, and have fun with them. :)

    RE: LOL. The whole part about you thinking the rectum had to do with the eyes made me giggle. I needed that. :P But it’s okay, I’m pretty bad with human anatomy as well. And thank you for your prayers. I really really appreciate them. <3

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    Wow you are so motivated! Keep it up! I always struggle to stay focused on the end goal so I am super impressed with how conscientious you are!! Keep it up!!

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    Hey nice layout Cami! Btw Cami my link isn’t working or what in the affiliates section?
    And you concerntrate on the studies Cami…cuz site and returning comments is as important as a good career and I suppose no one will mind you late comments!

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    I think it’s good that you’re passionate about your studies. This year is a slightly stressful year for me, too, what with important exams to get into a good class and all next year as well as competitions to fatten my school portfolio a little. :P

    I love this layout! I especially like the wings, then the O in the middle.

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    You are awesome, and sometimes I think that I should spend less time blogging and more time studying as a college student. I feel like I remember reading that you want to become a mechanical engineer sometime in the future. As someone who’s almost finished a mechanical engineering degree, I’m going to tell you that it won’t be easy, and that I think that you’ve shown that you can do it (unless you’ve been lying on your blog).

    It’s definitely possible to be challenged spiritually, academically, and creatively in a healthy way. I think that the spiritual challenges are subtle and come in smaller pieces than the academic challenges. Again – I think that you’ll defeat them when they come.

    Also, good luck on the SAT when you take it. I personally think that it’s a dumb test, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important, so give it your all!

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    Wow :o :o :o :o I wish I could have an attentions span and passion like you! Congrats on those grades they’re way better than mine! And I know what you mean about working better under pressure.

    I love your new layout, as usual! 8D I really like the color scheme, it’s so comforting and soft. If color schemes could be soft. It’s like a kitten.

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    I’m really liking the colours of the new layout. They’re really cool-looking and they’re such a unique combo!

    I am not really one of those people who works well under pressure, but you seem to be. I can’t stand being stressed out or having so much to do. I like being on the ball and sometimes even staying ahead.

    That said though, while I blog often, I don’t return comments as often. I understand where you’re coming from. :) I hope you keep doing fantastically in your studies.

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    Hello! I guess we’re the same, I work really well during my busy days and work really slow if I have so much time in the box. It’s just about time management I guess, and setting your priorities. :”>

    Have a nice day! Good luck with school works.

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    Sounds like school has been getting on to you! Don’t worry, it’s the same story with everyone else. Good luck with the SAT! Do everything early so your senior year won’t be so much of a hassle :)! Just do what you gotta do first and worry about your site afterwards. When you have popping ideas, just scrap them down for future reference :)! Wait til summer ;D!

    Congratulations on getting a 3.94 gpa! That’s really really high! I’m not too good with video games. Usually, I google my gaming problems first XD.

    Haha, don’t worry about it. I even call my bass clarinet a black saxophone because of it’s curved bell. It’s no biggie. I even called it the “skinny tuba” because I outdo our tuba player.

    Take care :)!